Boogeyman 2-HI2U Free Download

Boogeyman 2

You can love playing this strategy game Boogeyman 2. Additionally it can give you chills as it includes a touch of horror. You can wake up in the middle of night by your doll. You can also find your doll talking and warning you. It warns you about a monster.

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Important Features:

  • Basically the monster wants to take you away with it. All you need in this game is to take your flashlight and search the boogeyman.
  • You also need to find him before he finds you. This game also allows you to search all the hiding places of boogeyman. Story-line of this game is different from Boogeyman 1.
  • You can also find that all of the lights of your house breaks one by one.
  • It also includes change in weather each night. It is hard to find him in dark and noisy atmosphere.
  • This game also includes lighting and snow blizzards. All you need is to work with flashlights.
Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 7
Processor Intel i3 2.5ghz or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics 1GB VRAM
Storage 1 GB available space
Boogeyman 2-HI2U Free Download