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Bandicam 3 You can now record screen with it. However it can also help you record all of your gameplays. This application comprises of advance features. It revolves around powerful technology. You can also find simple and easy to use graphical user interface. It can also help you in taking screenshots. This application also supports Multi-languages. Basically you can find this application lightweight.

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Bandicam 3 Important Features:

Main Purpose:

This application can help you record your games and Windows screen. You can also create tutorial with this application. It can also help you record your other applications with it. You can also take screenshots of your screen with it. You can also make presentations with it. It can also helps you to record webcam, HDMI and others.

Graphics Quality:

It can also provide you with high quality recordings and screenshots. This application also allows you to record 4K ultra HD videos. You can also record H.264, MPEG-4/1,120 FPS.MPEG and Xvid codecs.

Recording Setting:

It includes two different recording modes. You can either use DirectX/OpenGL mode or Rectangle on a screen mode. DirectX/OpenGL mode can help you capture target area. Rectangle on a screen can help you record a specific area of your screen.

FPS Count:

This application also shows FPS counts on the corner or your screen. You can find FPS count in DirectX/OpenGL mode. It can turn into green which means you are ready. You can also find changing its color to red which means you start the recording.

File Size:

This application includes limitless file size. You can also use it to record high quality videos in small size. It can also compress your capture videos at backhand.

Other Features:

This application includes a built-in feature which can restore broken files. It includes Auto Complete Recording Function. You can use it to record videos 24 hours.