You can build and destroy blocks. You can get resources and create various tools, blocks and weapons that will allow you to survive and build unique buildings.

Alert! There are many peaceful animals in the world, but there are also many MONSTERS! You will be rewarded with valuable resources if you fight them!

Explore the globe, swim across the oceans to find new lands and obtain resources. The world is virtually limitless.

You can build any structure you like: houses, castles or farms, cities, etc. There are more than 100 blocks and many other items in the game.

You must be alert to hunger and eat regularly if you want to survive. You can look for food, grow crops, or slaughter mobs to make Meat!

You will survive the Night if you build your house to hide from the Monsters. They will be coming for you, Zombies, Large Spiders, and other hostile mobs.

Your imagination is the only limit to your actions in this world. You don’t need any special skills to play the game. It is easy to figure out the rules in the first few minutes. You can have a great time in our game because you are everywhere and everywhere.

It is also completely free!