MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! 👍

MultiCraft is a world of endless possibilities! Prepare for Real Adventures

You can build and destroy blocks. You can survive and build unique buildings by acquiring resources.

You can choose to be a Builder (Creative mode), or a Ruthless Hunter (Survival mode).

> There are not only peaceful animals in this world, but also horrible monsters! You will win a battle with them, and you’ll get valuable resources.> Swim across the oceans to find new lands and resources. The lands are endless. Explore them!
> Survive if you decide to do so! Keep an eye on your hunger and eat as quickly as possible. Find food, plant plants, and slaughter mobs of people to get meat!
> Build your shelter against the monsters to survive the night! They’re coming for you… Skeletons and huge spiders, as well as other hostile mobs.
You can either fly high with the flight>> or accelerate as fast as lightning with the acceleration>> modes. You can make the game more fun if you wish.

Your imagination is the only limit to your abilities in this game. You don’t need any special skills to play the game. The first few minutes are enough to understand the basics. You can have fun with our game every day! It’s also completely free!

Are you looking to play with friends? You can join one of the user server (Multiplayer>>, or Create a server>> tabs). There are many servers in the game. There is bound to be one you like.

You will find the following in our site:
> Cows and pigs, sheep, and other peaceful mobs
> Large and small spiders
> Insidious Skeletons
> Strong Zombies, and other hostile mobs
> Mechanisms for Red and Blue Ores
> Realistic gameplay
> Cows and pigs, sheep, and other peaceful mobs
> The eggs are laid by chickens
> Stable FPS, long-distance map, and world drawing with no lags
> High game optimization for all modern devices.
> There are many biomes to choose from and a unique topography.
> There are many different types of plants and foods.
> Comfortable and fully-adaptable touch controls
> Accelerated Flight
> Singleplayer with Survival or Creative modes
> Multi-Player mode for multiple servers

Open source software licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.
Source code and license agreement are available at:
All rights reserved