ActiveState Komodo IDE Crack Plus Serial Key Download

ActiveState Komodo IDE Serial Key Download

ActiveState Komodo This application provides you with integrated development environment. Therefore it can help you in creating different applications. You can find this application rich with helpful features. It also includes client side Ajax languages. This application helps you in creating web applications too. You can also find wide variety of tools in it. It also includes debugging and editing options. This application comprises of multi-language editor. You can also use it to write codes faster than ever. It also includes your favourite frameworks and tools to work.

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ActiveState Komodo Features:

Tutorial tool:

  • This application helps you write as well as use its tutorials. It can also teach you programming in new language. You can also use it as an educational tool.

Publishing changes:

This application also includes toolbar buttons. It can also help you in performing publishing actions. You can also access publishing tasks with it.

Debugging feature of chrome:

  • This application also allows you to debug in chrome. It can also help you debug from inside of Komodo. It also allows you to write codes and debug easily.

Cordova and Phonegap integration:

  • This application also allows you to access cordova and phonegap from toolbar. It can also detect your configuration.


This application includes multi-window and split screen feature. It can also trigger snippet selection with the help of abbreviations. You can also put numeric can also allows you to perform highlights and syntax checking to detect multiple languages.


  • This application includes almost more than multiple languages. It supports XSLT, XML, Tcl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others.

File sorting:

  • This application also allows you to sort and group files. You can use it to sort your files by directory, language, location and file extension.


  • This application also allows you to preview in separate window. You can also examine your database content for SQLite.

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