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Amazon’s Creepiest Prime Benefit Yet

Amazon’s Creepiest Prime Amazon is launching Amazon Key which can unlock your front door in order to provide you with your courier. Enemies are pointing their fingers to world famous online retailer. However Amazon is now trying to vanish all their opponents’ charges in the air by introducing weirdest yet smartest retail service Amazon Key.

Basically this service can only work for Prime customers due to some main factors. First of all you need a smartlock on your entry door. You also need Amazon Cloud Cam. When deliveryman reaches your doorstep, he can scan the barcode of the item and wait for your approval. This whole process can activate Cloud Cam in your house. The deliveryman can then receive a code from Amazon which can help them to open smartlock. After they put your package inside your house and close the door the smartlock can activate again.


This service is much like Uber-style whereas the scenario can also go wrong and can also provide you with advantages. Mostly customers can enjoy this service as they know that they don’t need to wait for their products.

Amazon key is now getting high fame and popularity but there are other rumors spreading about online pharmacy store. However it is very hard to place a box full of medications in front of doors as it can normally cost more than anything else in US.

Amazon is also investing in technology and smart gadgets for work and home which can help it successfully done the camera job. Therefore other companies can also manufacture products for Amazon to sell but Cloud Cam is Amazon’s own product.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 1:08 pm

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