Android Skin Pack 2.0 Untuk Windows 7

Hit2k.comAndroid Skin Pack 2.0 Untuk Windows 7 . With this, complete the Android features we want to feel, now just to capitalize Windows 7 only friend was able to feel the sensation of using Android, yes although unlike the original Android. Unlike Skin Pack in general, Android Skin Pack 2.0 can make Windows 7 be a cool buddy, boot screen, login screen, icons, cursors, wallpaper, dock and more turn out to be like the original Android.


Download Link Android Skin Pack 2.0 Untuk Windows 7 :

Please to create a System Restore Point in Windows 7. There is useful if one day my friend does not like / get bored with the looks. So they can get back to normal Windows 7 pal.

If the damage is not in Want, It is your own responsibility. Although Android Skin Pack 2.0 Untuk Windows 7  is already Hit2k try, but Hit2k  Skin Pack does not guarantee that it will run on a PC / Laptop pal fit that predicted.

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