Apple Watch Helped Red Sox ‘Cheat’

Apple Watch Helped Red Sox ‘Cheat’

Apple Watch Players these days are using technology in order to win baseball game. One of the major team of Boston beat New York by the help of Apple Watch. Every famous person can face scandals while this scandal is one of the funniest and weirdest scandals of all. Boston Red Sox team win their three game series from New York Yankees and get charged for their cheating in August.

This thing sounds odd but they cheat by using Apple Watch. Boston Red Sox were informing batters about the pitch through their Apple Watch while playing the game. They get caught from a video.

How they get caught?

Well, there was a person in the whole are who was watching camera feed. He was keeping his eyes on the signals of catcher to the pitcher. The whole information was then passed to dugout by the help of Apple Watch. At the same time this information was passed to the batter in order to predict the type of pitch.

But now the footage of this game and the previous series is moved to Major League Baseball MLB to review. They will now investigate whether Boston Red Sox have cheated like this before or not. Boston team is standing on the top position in American League Eastern division. And it could also happen that Boston Red Sox can face penalty if evidence are true.

Game winning with smartphone, is that much easy?

Just like we need two hands to clap there are always two sides of any story. Boston Red Sox have passed their footage to MLB where Yaknees are also cheating in the same way. It is also reported that YES Network Camera was using by Yankees to spy on Red Sox pitches. They are charged for cheating. They were passing information by staff member smartphones to the batters.

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