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Avira Antivirus Pro 15 

Avira Antivirus Pro 15 This application can help you keep your system safe. Additionally it can save you from all kinds of online threats. It can also help you in blocking all kind of online spies. You can also find a Tracking Blocker in it.

This application comprises of powerful tools and features. It can also provide you protection from bots, spyware, adware, phishing, root-kits, boot-kits, torjans, worms, viruses and other threats. You can also find Network protection feature to scan files you share with others. It can also provide you with secure backup system.

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Control devices:

  • This application also includes device controller. It can help you control all of your devices connected to computer.


This application comprises of powerful antivirus scanner. It can keep you save from all kinds of viruses. You can use it to scan your files in real time. It can also repair damages of your files.

Email Protection:

  • This application can also keep your emails and contact list safe.

Data privacy:

It can also keep your private data secure from third party. You can also keep your identity safe and sound with it. It can also allow you to use your bank details safely. You can also shop securely online. It can keep you safe from cybercriminals.


  • This application can save you from hackers controlling your system.

Firewall settings:

  • It can also keep your firewall settings active in order to block any kind of suspicious activity.


  • This application can also help you block ransomeware before encrypting your files.

Browser Tracking blocker:

  • You can also use it in order to stop others from monitoring your online activities.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • This application can provide security and protection in real time. It comprises of deep and unique learning algorithms which can protect you from all kinds of advance threats.
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