Bitcoin Breaks More Records and Hits 45000$ As a Soon

Bitcoin Breaks Hits 45000$ As a Soon

Bitcoin Breaks $6,060 is marked the first time high record of cryptocurrency by Bitcoin. It hit high amount by crossing $6,000 and making $6,609 globally. Basically the snapshot record comprises of average price of Bitcoin from locations like Hong Kong, US, South Korea, European and Japan exchanges. The sum of $6,060 was recorded by Bitcoin almost nine days ago. According to Bloomberg news cryptocurrency reach $6,649.33 on 1st November. Bitcoin total value is $110 billion now.

Growth rate:

Bitcoin cross almost $5,000 for the first time in September this year. However $6,000 can be 800% growth for Bitcoin. In 12 month spans Bitcoin has rise their value. According to famous derivative exchange operator CME Group, they are going to launch future trading of Bitcoin in fourth quarter of the year.

A point to attract investors:

Announcement from CME Group was big for digital currency. By the help of this product many investors could be introduced to the market. It can also help in boosting the prices according to CNBC. Terry Duffy CME Group chairman said to CNBC that “We’ve been working with the regulator. They understand our application. And they understand our model very, very well.”

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 1:07 pm

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