Carmageddon: Crashers

Carmageddon: Crashers 

Carmageddon: Crasher includes variety of racing machines to fight in car battle. In addition you can fight with variety of heavyweight as well as lightweight vehicles. It also allows you to destroy everything around you. You can perform stunt race, drag race and battle race in it. It also allows you to defeat every single enemy.

Screen shot:

DownloadCarmageddon_Crashers_APk_Mod [4.5 MB]


    • This game also includes zone bosses and mini bosses. You need to defeat them too. It also allows you to buy some new cars.
    • You can also upgrade them. Every zone comprises of two special events which allows you to drive special car.
    • It also allows you to win cash prize in spin. You can also use the cash to purchase some power-ups.
  • It also allows you to play daily quests. You need to add extra power-ups and skills to your car in order to survive and win the game.

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