Color Switch v10.6.0 APK

Color Switch v10.6.0 Mod APK

Color Switch This game comprises of colourful world. Moreover you need to manage your multi-color ball in order to pass different levels of the game. It also comprises of large amount of obstacles which you need to pass. You also need to achieve the goal in order to win this game.

Your ball can also switch different colors. It also includes power-ups.  You need to pass your ball from matching color in order to progress in the game. If you pass wrong color you can lose the game and need to start it again from beginning color switch app.


DownloadLinks \ Mirror \ Mirror \Mirror Mirror  [146.2 MB]
Password :   |  Status : Test


    • This game includes different geometrical shapes in form of barrier. It includes polygons, squares, circles and others.
    • You need to tap the ball in order to pass the obstacles. It also includes some power-ups which you can use to switch your ball color.
    • This game includes almost more than 50+ exciting levels and 3 new balls. You can also find gifts in new game mode.
    • It also comprises of high quality sound track and graphics. You can find 8 different actions in each mode of this game.
  • It includes Slow Down Speed, Move Obstacles, Shoot, Turn, Glide and other modes. You can also find Switch Direction, Slide and Jump mode in it.

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