Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease – Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease ,Of course, the name Security does not exist in this world is perfect. Sometimes there will be a situation where we use the operating system can not boot because we forget the password or no password change our ignorant. But, on this occasion I will share a topic titled “How to Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease” without having complicated-complicated and should only take a little time, pal windows password can be changed. Obviously, this method must be known so that in case of such problems, my friend does not need to re-install.

Screen :

  1. Download the software first “HirenBootCD” then burn it to a CD or create a bootable flash with Rufus
  2. If completed, insert the CD into the CD-ROM pal laptop / PC would reset the password.
  3. Wait a while then it will be display as below.
  4. Select “Mini Windows XP” and there will be a short loading process.
  5. So, immediately we will be faced with a Portable XP Operating system.
  6. Do not panic, just a few steps away.
  7. Click the start menu and select HBCD Menu.
  8. Select Programs and select passwords / keys. Next select the Windows Login and select again “NTWPEditxxxxx”
    Next, find files SAM in the following diretori.
    SystemDisk {} \ Windows \ System32 \ config
    It will appear in the list of existing users windows pal.
  9.  Select the user to reset the password then enter the desired new password.
    Do not forget to save changes and restartlah pal PC while removing the Hiren CD.

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