Creating BrainGate technology Linking Brain Computer – Creating BrainGate technology Linking Brain Computer ,Currently medical technology has experienced rapid growth and awesome. Perhaps of some of the art is impossible if imagined ten years ago.
Have a brain that is directly connected to the computer it is only limited to fantasy in Hollywood movies.

But now, a team from Brown University with BrainGate name is conducting research to realize the fantasy. Through its official website, they say that it has been successfully used small and placing electrodes into the brain.

And from the beginning of the study showed that the nerve signals can be decoded by a computer in real-time and used to operate external devices. With the continued development of this method, it is not impossible in the future of the human brain can be used to do unique, such as surfing the Internet only through the power of the mind.

Even Intel predicts that this method will actually be realized in 2020.

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