Dragon Nest2 Legend APK+MOD [Android] Latest Here!

Dragon Nest2 Legend APK+MOD [Android] Download

Dragon Nest2 Legend APK+MOD can take you to virtual world. However you can enjoy adventurous trip in this game. You also need to hunt dragons. It also allows you to explore the whole location. You can play the role of Geraint in it. Dragon nest 2 legend mod apk Geraint lost his memory therefore someone meet him to help in recovering.

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    • This game includes 4 different players. It includes Garvel, Marian, Argenta and Geriant.
    • Each player possesses almost 20 different skills. You can also create your own skills. It also allows you to collect skills in order to attack.
    • Dragon nest 2 download you can unlock bonus skills after completing skill sets. It also allows you to learn boss attack patterns.
    • You can also customize your characters. It also allows you to invite your friends to play with you.

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