Endless Legend Forgotten Love-HiT2k Free Download

Endless Legend Forgotten Love-HiT2k Full Version

Endless Legend Forgotten Love-HiT2k This game is a combination of role playing and strategy game. Therefore it also includes two new Mezari heroes. This game also comprises of variety of heroes. This game is all about war.

Download: Endless.Legend.Forgotten.Love-HiT2k [7.8 GB]
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Important Features:

  • You know the after effects of war. All you need is to keep focus on outcome of war. You can also find dying hopes of people at the time of conflict.
  • This game also allows you to create a fantasy civilization. You can find yourself in Aurgia which is a dying country. This game also includes almost eight different factions.
  • You also need good thinking skills in order to play this game. This game also includes combats. This game revolves around a strong story-line.
  • All you need is survive and help other people survive after war. You need to stop Aurgia from dying. Graphics and sound effects of this game are amazing.

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