f.lux 4.64 Download

f.lux 4.64 Download

f.lux 4.64 is a useful software to manage the light / color screen of your pc or laptop so that more cool seen by eye. The tagline of this software is “Software to make your life better”, which is of course very appropriate to its usefulness. For you who still do not understand, with this software you can change the color of your screen according to the time, according to the condition of the sun, and so forth. This f.lux also has a kind of screen color preset that you can choose and customize, one example is Movie Mode that adjusts the conditions for watching movies. For you who are curious, you can directly download this software and experiment with this software.


What’s new on 4.64 :

  • Clicking the graph now shows you the “advanced” three-slider mode. A second click previews (like it used to).
  • New darkroom hotkey: Alt-Shift-End
  • Maps display uses a newer browser version for Google Maps compatibility
  • Starting f.lux from the start menu shows the app again
  • Multiple monitor disable now uses color profile
  • 0 latitude is now allowed
  • Adjusted long fade timing just a bit
  • Hue brightness is re-calibrated (somewhat brighter)
  • Disable for remote desktop now works faster
  • Stops showing app window on Alt+Shift+PgDn
  • More accurate “disable” timing
  • Options menu now reports more monitor info
  • Fixed a crash bug in the way we use Windows Location (thanks Microsoft app compatibility team)
  • Better crash reporting (it is optional to send)

How to Install:

  • Extract the downloaded file,
  • Run flux-setup.exe, then install as usual
  • Restart your PC or Laptop,
  • Done, enjoy!

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