Facebook Fails to Fight Fake News

Facebook Fails to Fight Fake News

Facebook Fails There was a doubtful content that knock out accidently in news feed and recoils the whole experiment. Fake news is the only harsh and destructive stuff thrusting forward in online posts these days. Along with other troll trash mostly internet users are also facing problem in order to find credible news about current events. Facebook was also recently charged in the court of public. Opinion just because many users are facing fake news problem in their news feeds. Social media masterminds are now experimenting on some new concepts by rising posts and comments which include word fake news in them in order to visible difference against articles and posts.

Backfired the statement:

You can’t say that statement is backfired. This whole issue confused users for ages where most of the content is full in weight which make it more visible than other. In such situation Facebook raise the comments for users to state the content was basically fake news.

No interest in even examining the situation:

Engadget states that “according to the users who perform the test find that that whole system was prop up comments which include words like “lie” or “fake” no matter what the whole comment is stating. The whole thing is not especially about the source stories likewise you can also see these statements on trustworthy articles. How can you trust judgements of Facebook when it isn’t examining the whole content of stories themselves?”

Major points:

Recent scandal on Facebook was against expected winner of Alabama’s Senate Seat about pedophilia accusation. There was another same news released on Roy Moore. in Washington Post about the Nixon. Bezos and also about the women whom they targeted when they were teenagers make the whole internet shout with fake news words. According to Facebook these comments come first in priority in user feeds. The whole company is saying that they will fight against doubtful and untruthful fake news.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 1:25 pm

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