Fallen Mage-HI2U

Fallen Mage-HI2U

Fallen Mage-HI2U It is a combination of both action and adventure game. However you can love playing this hack and slash game. Basically you need to reach your goal. This game also comprises of different obstacles which come in your way.

Download : Links-[710 MB]
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Important Features:

  • You can play the role of Fellin in this game. He is a young boy. He is also a student of magician Edward. You are also learning some secret of magic in this game.
  • This game also allows you to learn some new magical skills. These skills make fellin the powerful magician. Master Edwared make decision to take his powers from him.
  • Fellin move to Northleach to protect his powers but his powers scattered on the land. All he is thinking about is to take revenge from his master after losing powers.
  • This game comprises of different locations which change with progress in game. It also includes 3 difficulty levels. You can also get bonus from secret places in this game.

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