Google Pixel Buds to Surpass AirPods in Connectivity

Google Pixel Buds to Surpass AirPods in Connectivity

Google Pixel It’s all about a fight going on between two giant technologies Apple and Google in order to pair flawless headphones. They both are introducing Bluetooth connected wireless headphones with their latest cellphones. However on the other hand both cellphones comprises of different differences and similarities. The headphones may seem wireless but Google has also added woven cord in order to keep their buds together. Google also eliminated headphone jack from their latest phones whereas they are still unaware of outcomes.

You should know forget about listening to the songs in long flights or car trip by using these buds as they only have five hours battery life per charge. You also need to keep Pixel buds close to your ears because of woven cords but Apple Airpods can fit in your ears wirelessly. This thing can also provide you safe listening as it cannot provide as much harm to your hearing as other headphones. It can also keep you unconscious about your surroundings.

Amazing step toward future:

Wave of future a universal translator is also offered by Google along with their latest products. This universal translator comprises of 40 different languages. However it isn’t universal but something new and closer to it. Sadly the main thing is you need to use Wi-Fi connection Pixel 2 smartphone in order to use translator otherwise it won’t work with Pixel Buds. Another negative aspect of Pixel 2 phone and Pixel bud is that another person on call also need both things to carry on conversation otherwise you need to on the speaker to translate and disconnect your buds.


The major thing behind Airpods is their working and device pairing. Basically Google and Apple are fighting hard in order to add such technology through which you don’t need to wait to pair your device. You don’t need to go to settings, on your Bluetooth and search for compatible devices. All you need is slide some compatible headphones close to your phone, it can then popup an option on your screen to pair headphones. So you can pair your headphone to your device with one single tap. Google and Apple both are working these days in order to encourage other headphone manufacturers to manufacture headphone for their products. Basically all they want is to provide wide range of facilities to their customers with different brands of wireless headphones or airpods.

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