INTRUDERS Robot Defence


INTRUDERS Robot Defence It is a strategy game. However you need good thinking skills in order to play this game. You can also enjoy playing this game full of action. It also allows you to fight with your opponents to save your base. You need to move step by step with proper planning. It also allows you to race with time in order to fight with your enemy. It also comprises of variety of features. It also allows you to play as the leader of the team. You can also train your troops.

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Important Features:

  • You can also find yourself full of equipment. It also allows you to use rocket launcher on your enemy. You can also use double shots.
  • It also includes Jet-Pack and Drones to help you. You can also find some powerful towers in it which can help you destroy enemies. You can use them in Vehicle mode.
  • This game also allows you to perform air-strikes. You can also run in order to save yourself from attacks. It also allows you to play with period strategy.
  • You can also send your troops to deal with enemies. It also allows you to prepare your own troops. You can also update protection program of your troops.
  • You can also find almost 4 different gameplays. It also includes TimeAttack feature. This game includes almost 16 different towers.
  • You can also enjoy playing multiple game modes. This game comprises of 4 different locations. You can fight with more than 50 enemies in this game.
  • This game comprises of almost 80 unique missions. You need to protect your land by fighting with your enemy.
  • You can also construct defensive buildings in your route. This game comprises of 20 hours gameplay.
  • You can also enjoy high quality graphics. It also includes amazing background sound. You can also enjoy the story-line of this game Hit2k.
Updated: December 21, 2018 — 1:50 pm

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