Listen Meriahnya event Game Developers Gathering 2014!

Listen Meriahnya event Game Developers Gathering 2014!

Finally, the grand event the largest Game Developers Gathering 2014 in Indonesia, Game Developers Gathering held in 2014 has been completed successfully. Event held at Multimedia Nusantara University’s campus managed to hook a lot of developers homeland to participate enliven the event. Compared with last year, this time in 2014 GDG success attracted the attention of more than 900 participants consisting of students, developers, to the general public.

In addition, the GDG 2014 also spoil the visitors to share knowledge together speakers from renowned Indonesian developers like Anton Soeharyo of Tocuhten Games, Rahmat Imron of Digital Happiness, Kris Antoni from Toge Productions, and Ami Raditya of Vandaria. Not only that, the speaker of the developer and International companies also took part in this event so as to make the event more festive. Among them is Manami Matsumae (composer Megaman), Vaibhav Odhekar (POKKT), Richard Kim (Facebook Asia Pacific), and Kazuaki Eitaki (Namco Bandai).
Other sessions are no less lively is the Showcase sessions featuring 30 studio games from all over Indonesia. The names are already familiar in the ears of enthusiasts and local game developers like Toge Productions, Touchten Games, Mintsphere, and SOLITE Studio also took part to show off their work. For developers who are not able to directly showcase their work during the event, the committee also has to provide a means in the form of Digital Showcase, in collaboration with Warehouse Applications XL.

As a complement to this annual event, the GDG 2014 also provides a new breakthrough that prestigious event GDG Award 2014 for the best game developers in Indonesia. Awards GDG consisted of nine categories were contested, among others Critics Choice, Citizen Awards, Most Promising Game, Most Innovative Gameplay, Best Audio, Best Visual, Best Student Project and Best Individual. Assessment has been carried out by the committee of AGI and consists of representatives of publishers, developers, media, payment gateway, and several other supporting elements gaming industry.

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