Nokia Abruptly Kills Off High End Ozo Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia Abruptly Kills Off High End Ozo Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia Abruptly This news can cut off almost 310 jobs…..

As Nokia announces to end their high definition virtual Reality camera it also cause depression for almost people on 310 jobs. Everyone knows that Ozo and Ozo+ were flying high right after their launch and was also getting extolment from Disney and others who capture 360 degree footage. Basically it provides sell at around $60,000 in market.

This device comprises of spherical shape and includes almost eight cameras as well as eight microphones. It can help you capture high definition sound as well as 360 degree video.

$15,000 Savings?

According to Nokia sales of VR camera weren’t according to their expectation and was slower in market too even after price cut of $15,000. Nokia also announces that it can cause 35% workforce jobless and make job loss of almost 310 vacancies across UK, US and Finland.

Nokia states that “The slower-than-expected development of the VR market means that Nokia Technologies plans to reduce investments and focus more on technology licensing opportunities.”

Nokia’s Main Focus:

As Nokia is also working in field of digital healthcare division and manufacturing blood pressure monitors, smartwatches and medical scales thus it can now focus and expand their Nokia Health devices. According to Nokia “The shift deepens Nokia’s commitment to fully leverage its digital health portfolio acquired through the purchase of Withings in 2016. Through a more focused, more agile digital health business, Nokia aims to have larger impact with consumers and the medical community.”

Nokia also promised to maintain its commitment with Ozo customers. Gregory Lee president of Nokia technology states that “Nokia Technology is at a point where, with the right focus and investments, we can meaningfully grow our footprint in the digital health market, and we must seize that opportunity.”

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