Onirim – Solitaire Card Game [Latest] Apk

Onirim – Solitaire Card Game

Onirim – Solitaire Card Game It is a kind of board game. Additionally this game allows you to play as Dreamwalker. You can also find yourself in some mysterious and dark maze. It also wants you to find doorways otherwise you need to stay in that maze. This game also provides you with specific time to find the doorway. You also need to complete your mission in that specific time. You can love playing this strategy game.

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Important Features:

  • This game also allows you to walk through your dreams. You also need to reveal the doors otherwise you can stay behind rooms.
  • It also comprises of series of nightmares which can come in your way. This game allows you and your partner to work together.
  • You need to find the eight doors cards before the time ends. You can play with same color cards in a row with three turns.
  • It also allows you to discard your key cards. You can find your door cards in both ways. This game also needs you to think and make proper decisions.
  • You need to play with your nightmares by selecting best options. This game also needs you to understand true meaning of each card.
  • You can also find training mode in this game. This game comprises of amazing high definition graphics.
  • You can also find amazing background music in it. This game also allows you to use its other powerful features.
  • You need to fight with your nightmares throughout the game. You can also find different obstacles and hurdles in your way.
  • It also allows you to fight with each obstacle and play with your mind. You can also purchase in-game equipment.
  • You can also find some hidden card in deck. It can also give you pain if throw these cards.
  • You also need to take each and every step carefully red more.

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