Phishing Nets Hackers 250K Google Credentials Per Week

Phishing Nets Hackers 250K Google Credentials Per Week

Phishing Nets Hackers Every week hackers pull out around quarter million of valid username and passwords of Google accounts. There are groups of professional hackers passing through government accounts however this trend is growing day by day. There was a research conducted by Google and UC Berkley according to which hackers are using phishing tricks to hack 250,000 ids and passwords every week by making the victim click their links and follow instruction.

This whole scenario is on the rise these days but they can’t make you do any kind of dirty work for them. They can view your credentials by the help of “verify your account” email which include viruses in them. 

Kind of information they hack:

There was a research performed in order to find out background of hijacking and taking-over any account. With the exception of phishing usernames and passwords, researchers also find keylogging as another way used to hack information previously on large scale.

Hard privacy:

However the numbers of people who take advantage of high security settings on their accounts like two-factor authentications was very low. You can also assume it in single digit of percentage.

New security measures:

Basically Google wants to identify victim behaviour in the whole. Study as well as they also want to add a new layer of security for their users. Of course physical location can also prevent your information. From stealing but you also need to verify your account time to time in order to keep your account safe from hackers.

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