Preserving Naval Ships through 3D Image

Preserving Naval Ships through 3D Image

Preserving Naval Ships through 3D Image are working their hard to keep their navy ships damage free. Basically one of the Hollywood legend accepted that the uniforms use in movie The Mutiny on the Bounty were designed by original source. The original designs of uniforms for Royal Navy were already in the hand of the company which made it and was still on. This profile was somehow useful for the producer to work on details.

Royal Netherland Navy is however taking some high tech classes from a tailor shop. They also launched 3D image scan which can scan even the tiniest detail of ships by going in depth. It also includes some stored files which can help labor to replicate, replace or repair ship.

Mind blowing technology:

An article by Naval technology states that “they have used light scanner i-e; Spider 3D and Artec Eva handheld scanner to scan. They basically throw light on an object in grid pattern. It can then help it to capture distortion as well as deformation from different angles. Then they use triangulation in order to calculate the distance between object and specific point. Therefore these coordinates can create 3D digital model. This whole process can involve long non ending measurements for Minebedrijf Koninklijke Marine without using 3D scanning technique.”

Brightening future:

However you can find building ship parts by the help of metal printing quite different from 3D printing replica of your favourite stuff for keychain. Even they haven’t made that technology to print plastic but it can be more expensive. While Artec 3D is working to scan ship parts and developing cheap metal printing.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 12:58 pm

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