Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Boxing Champions APK

Real Steel Boxing Champions APK can help you build up your own fighting machine. Basically you can also learn many new fighting skills with it. It comprises of some new jabs, special moves, punches and others. You can also find your heroes Atom Prime, NoisyBoy, Midas, Zeus and Atom in it. This game includes almost more than 1000 different robots and 10 fighting rings. You can also love the graphics of this game.

Screen Shot :

DownloadReal_Steel_Boxing_Champions [37.3 MB]


    • It can help you build your own robot. You can find almost more than 1500+ robots parts in it.
    • It also comprises of different heroic moves. You can also select your own moves and special attacks with it.
    • It also includes legends of Real Steel. You can fight in The Tournament as well as 25 different fights.
  • It also allows you to fight with 5 different bosses of the game. You can also create a record in 120 Time Attack fights.

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