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RESCUE 2 Everyday Heroes Free Download

RESCUE 2 Everyday This game allows you to play role of fire fighter. Therefore you can fight with fire and save other people’s life. It also provides you a platform to see through the eyes of a lifesaver. You can play this game and become everyday hero. It also allows you to keep track of different fire stations. RESCUE 2 You can also work with specialized staff in this game. It also includes wide variety of vehicles which you can use. You can also find series of amazing missions in it. You can work as a fire commander in it and take responsibility of whole city.

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Download: RESCUE_2_Everyday_Zip [454.9 MB]


    • This game revolves around making strategies. It includes a series of realistic thrilling missions. You need to make different strategies to fight in all missions.
    • You also need to work very hard in order to rescue victims. It also allows you to select best extinguishing agent.
    • You also need to prevent damages in this game. It also allows you to search and use different sources of water.
    • This game also allows you to protect entire city. You can also find the whole network of fire stations in your city. It also allows you to unlock different fire stations.
    • This game also includes variety of fires like backdrafts, electrical fire and liquid fire. It also includes turntable ladders.
    • You can also find some new colleagues like females. It also includes your old mates from previous version.
    • This game also allows you to manage your time as well as missions. You can also create your own personal team.
    • It also allows you to hire more personnel. You can also buy some new emergency vehicles.
  • This game also allows you to select either story mode or everyday missions. You can also switch your vehicles to different fire stations.

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