Samsung Galaxy with Linux via DeX 2018

Samsung Galaxy with Linux via DeX

Samsung Galaxy You can now find Ubuntu running on Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. Basically operating system is the major component of smartphones for customers. It play important role whether it is iOS or Android devices. People mostly attach to operating system loyalty and manufacturer brand loyalty. They also need some understanding of other operating system in order to switch from one system to another. Although some of the technology users don’t like to have both operating systems. For such user Samsung launched Ubuntu 16 with Linux in their latest mobile phones. You can simply pair it with DeX docking station which can help you use your Linux computer on your monitor it can also increase your system and device functionality.

DeX Stands For:

DeX is latest release of programmer which can help you turn your phone into your system. There was no single reason to work without paired Android operating system as you need your important files, workflow and apps in your device which was the biggest problem. Addition of Linux adds powers to your phone. It becomes more powerful however you can also use it with mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Its more than usual Ubuntu install:

Just like Android device is much more different from your desktop Linux running on your smart phone is also different. This operating system can work best for all those who are used to with it. Engadget states in their statement that “It’s not quite the same as your typical Ubuntu or Debian install. Linux on Galaxy launches through an app, and it’s using the same kernel as Android itself in order to maintain performance. And it almost goes without saying that you’ll really want a DeX setup, since most Linux apps are expecting a large screen, mouse and keyboard.”

Important thing:

These days Samsung is just in chitchatting mode with this version. You don’t find it in the market yet but soon it will be available for people to download.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 1:19 pm

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