Samsung Throws Its Hat in the Self Driving Ring

Samsung Throws Its Hat in the Self Driving Ring

Samsung Throws Car permit is given to the world most famous brand of electronics in California. Every other brand is trying to make their name in self driving these days. Samsung is now going to take another step to make their name popular in automotives by announcing two major news. Samsung basically passed $300 million Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund. They also divided €75 million into TTTech.

They also decided to take part in creating connected car with Harmon. Samsung paid $8 million in to Harmon for vehicle audio. They make partnership for connected in-car vehicle services. But it seems that Samsung has diverted their focus. Even they get their permit in US and South Korea for self driving.

Best vehicle competition:

For now the title of best vehicle is in the air. It is also seen that Samsung is in connection with Hyundai and Renault. Renault right now is facing troubles already because of their cheating scandal. Most of the cars are made from different brands which also includes software. They get detected and adjusted before outputting thee vehicle. They also adjust engine in order to decrease pollution. According to US emission requirements engine should was normal after passing series of tests. Thank you so much

Safety requirements:

Another important key is safety of driver and other persons sitting in the car. Samsung game is quite unique in self driving car. CNBC reports states that the main purpose is not only to provide users with convenience level vehicle but to make the car which can help you control different weather conditions. The main factor for accidents are road conditions, low visibility and weather so major purpose it to avoid such fatal accidents.

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