Sleep as Android v2 [Unlocked] APK Download

Sleep as Android v2 [Unlocked] APk

Sleep as Android This application provides you with best alarm clock. Therefore it can also keep track of your sleep cycle. It can also wake you up gently and naturally. You can find it better than other alarm clocks. It can also affect your mood. You can also use it to avoid oversleep and snoring Sleep as Android Crack.

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    • This application includes snoring statistics feature to keep you alert with your snoring. It also includes deep sleep and sleep deficit.
    • You can also find natural light and gentle volume alarms. It includes storm, sea, birds and other kinds of sound in playlist.
    • This application also includes different gentle lullabies. You can find natural sounds like chants, sea, storm, whales and others.
    • You can also find online radio alarms and lullabies in it. This application also works with S Health, Google Fit and spotify.
    • It also includes sleep cycle tracking feature. It also includes CAPTCHA wake up verification feature to avoid oversleep.
    • This application can also record your snoring and sleep talk. It also includes anti-snoring feature.
  • You can also find oximetric sleep apnea pre-screening in it. it can also provides you with jet leg prevention feature.

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