Slimjet – The Versatile Chrome-Like Web Browser with Privacy and Potential

Slimjet – The Versatile Chrome-Like Web Browser with Privacy and Potential

Slimjet web browser can make you feel like home if you ever used Chrome or Firefox. However the major concept behind developing Slimjet is guaranteeing the privacy of users as well as protecting their important data. You can also find free, simple and user friendly. Slimjet comprises of blink engine as well as Chromium based like Firefox and Chrome. It also includes built-in ad blocker.



This browser can never send back your data reports to Google. It also includes anti-tracking technology that can protect your privacy. It comprises of multiple layers of protection. You can change settings from advance privacy option. It can also keep you safe from malware and phishing attacks.


This browser built on blink engine to provide you with faster start-up and page loading. You can also find flexible as well as powerful tools in it. It also comprises of customizable toolbar. You can now access more features and tools by adding or removing buttons from toolbar. It also allows you to customize new tab page. It can also help you translate the whole web page in different languages.


  • This application also comprises of built-in ad blocker. It can also help you boost the performance of your browser however it can save memory of your browser.

Download Manager:

  • This browser also includes high speed turbo-charged download manager. It can help you download files 12X times faster by using multiple connections in parallel. You can also resume and pause downloads.

Form Filler:

  • This browser also includes password manager. You can also use it to open account on any of your favourite website in just single click. It can help you save url of the page as well as login data in a form file.

YouTube Downloader:

  • This browser allows you to download any video from YouTube. It also allows you to save your favourite videos in any format or resolution on local hard disk. It also helps you in extracting mp3 from videos.

Video recorder:

  • This browser allows you to record online streaming videos. You can record and save them in local video file. It also allows you to record and play them offline.

Plug-ins and themes:

Facebook integration:

  • You can also find Facebook toolbar button. It allows you to share link, images and text easily in one click.

Photo editor and uploader:

This browser includes Photo Salon. It allows you to add frames and effects to photos. You can also use it to compress and web-optimized your photos. It can also help you upload photos 20X times faster.

Updated: December 24, 2018 — 12:56 pm

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