Stormbound: Kingdom Wars APK

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars APK

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars APK +MOd Download can take you to the next level of card and strategy game. Additionally you can love its combat system. It comprises of 4×5 board where you can play cards. You need to create your own strategy in order to win this game. Cards can help you earn mana points and comprises of speed level or strength. Speed can show you the area or squares you can move at once. However strength can show you the harm you can cause to your enemy.

Screen Shot:

Download: Stormbound_Kingdom_Wars_APK(95.6 MB)


    • This game also includes magic cards. You can also use them to perform some special actions. It comprises of 3D and 2D graphics.
    • It also comprises of story mode. You can visit different kingdoms in it. It can also help you fight different enemies.
  • You can find almost four different kingdoms in it. Each kingdom possesses their own play style and advantage.

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