Synthesia 10.3 Crack Full Version Download

Synthesia 10.3 Crack Download

Synthesia 10.3 Crack You can learn piano with this application. Therefore it comprises of customizable and easy to use interface. You don’t need the real piano to play your music. This application can work as a piano simulator. It can help you learn and play piano easily. You can also use your system to learn the piano with it. It can also polish your skills. You can also play custom MIDI files with it. This application can also help you link with other MIDI devices. You can also find multiple practicing features in it.

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Playing Speed:

This application allows you to work according to your own playing speed. It can also wait for you to play the right note in melody practice. You can also adjust speed according to your wish.

Playing with Notes:

This application also allows you to either play with or without notes. You can simply enable or turn on the musical notation for any song you want.

Practicing with your hands:

You can also select your favorite music on it to practice. It can make you focus on the goal by playing the whole music by itself.

Song List:

This application includes a variety of songs. You can select your favorite song from the music store. It comprises of almost more than 150 songs. This application also allows you to create or find any MIDI file.

Tracking the progress:

You can also keep an eye on your progress with this application. It comprises of instant feedback. You can check your improvements with it.

Work with Fingertips:

This application includes an amazing feature for you. You can use it to memorize best fingers to play the piano. It comprises of one-click simple and easy to use the gesture.


You can also find recently played song list in it. It also pauses the song if you miss the note in melody practice. It also supports multiple languages.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • RAM: 20MB

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