Ted Cruz Liked Tweet Breaks The Internet

Ted Cruz Liked Tweet Breaks The Internet

Ted Cruz Liked Tweet Breaks. The news spread out like a virus about a Republican senator Ted Cruz liking a porn tweet. Former US presidential candidate as well as Social conservative Senator Ted Cruz faced problems after liking the pornography video on twitter at the middle of Monday night. A video on @SexuallPosts page on twitter which post contents and links regarding hardcore porn was liked by him. It was liked by Ted Cruz officially verified account which includes almost more than 3 million followers.


This two minute porn clip appears in his feed after liking it. However the like was removed later from his account right after an hour. Ha also attempted to ban sex toys. As he shows himself from conservative family background the like on this kind of tweet looks awkward. It is also stated that he was presented to court in 2007 in order to ban the sex toys. But in return Supreme Court announced that using sex toys is out of anybodies business but their users.


Obviously it was Ted Cruz official account with such kind of feed in it. But it is still unclear whether he like the video or the whole scenarios was created by someone else where their main work was to manage his social account. Some reports included that the tweet was like by using iPhone.

The whole scenario makes Ted Cruz a trending topic whereas his like become major cause of jokes, gossips and memes across the internet. Ted Cruz communication dictator didn’t help him in all the matter instead she states that “tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter”. Although this problem was not about the tweet but the like.

While back in last year presidential run, Ted Cruz campaign was drawn back an advert attacking by his rival Florida Senator Marco Rubio when they get to know that the other team hired actor Amy Lindsay who is softcore porn.

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