Tekken can take you to the new world of fighting. Therefore it allows you to join different famous fighters. This game also includes combat system. Additionally you can also learn some new fighting skills from this game. It can also help you upgrade your fighters and their skills.

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Download: TEKKE,N™ APk [45.7 MB]


    • You can find almost 20 different characters in this game. Each character possesses their own fighting skills.
    • It also allows you to unlock as well as upgrade 20 different special moves. You can also play different game modes in it.
    • This game includes live event challenges and DOJO challenges. You can also play online versus battles and story mode missions in it.
    • It also allows you t explore the whole world of Tekken in story mode. You can also create teams for unique missions.
  • It also allows you join NINA, PANDA, LAW, XIAOYU, KAZUYA, PAUL and others. This game comprises of amazing graphics.

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