The Outlived 1.0.2 Apk + Data [Latest] Update For android – The Outlived 1.0.2 Apk game, the world has been invaded by zombies. You are the last survivor of this wilderness, who has to look for the remains on every dead body on the wood, or on the stones. Everything may be necessary for you. Some things are more essential, you can find by hunting your superheroes or fighting zombies to steal it, and crafting supplies, food items needed to sustain life. You always need to fight to protect yourself. The weapons are indispensable. When you must have a knife or a gun, you are much more secure.

The Outlived apk mod, is a Survival game in which players connect to the internet to compete with other Survivors. Initially, the Survivors must master all sorts of basic survival skills, including hunting, gather food and water resources, create their own dwellings and defensive walls.

When the monsters are getting bigger but you are alone and do not have a lot of things for protecting yourself. You need to work with other survivors. You make a safe haven, everything you should be careful as you keep your own life. That is interesting when you play The Outlived.

The Outlived 1.0.2 Apk + Data [Latest] Update here


The (235.3 MB) / Mirror / Mirror / Mirror /  Mirror


  1. Team Match: create a Team with other players; defend yourself together with other Survivors against hordes of zombies.
  2. Survival Challenge: use your knowledge, skills and strategy to compete against other players.
  3. Multi-Survival Challenge: compete against other players in Teams.
  4. Solo Survival: defeat other players in a multiplayer competition, defeat all players and be the last to stand!
  5. Craft system: get food, hunt, find useful objects or weapons and create your own!
  6. Competitive: Fight with other people ,Resist zombie invasion
  7. Lastly Explore with other survivors on different map: Rocky filed/Pind Woods/Ruined Store/Quilt Clinic

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