Car Maker Alliance to Build EV and Autonomous Vehicles

Car Maker Alliance to Build EV and Autonomous Vehicles

Car Maker Alliance 2022 is basically a partnership between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The space race is on now which is somehow more ordinary kind of transportation. The amazing combination of technology and software is making sci-fi future concepts real. Therefore Mitsubishi, Renault and Nissan become partners and named their partnership as Alliance 2022.

Alliance 2022 is an appropriate name given to this partnership while their EV model as well as autonomous vehicles will be on road till 2022. Basically Renault was coming with some amendments in their pollution controlling vehicles by manufacturing electric vehicle other than fuel burning vehicle and may be they are moving in right direction. The other plan of Alliance is to become global leader in ride-hailing services by introducing robo technology.

Time taken Project:

Although right now EV is not a household object and there are numerous reasons behind it. The biggest problem these days are expense of building mass production plants, battery innovation and auto industry regulation. However it is also a huge obstacle for drivers to adopt EV.

Performance and price:

CEO of Alliance 2022 Carlos Ghosn admitted in his interview with TechCrunch about the biggest downside that prohibited possible mass market sales of electric cars. According to Ghosn the basic need of consumer is to reduce emission as well as lessen the dependency on fossil fuel, while driver also think that other people should also lower their speed, distance between their recharges and price. Electric cars can be good global optiona s well as niche product for drivers to switch on until then they should fight their 0 to 60 obsessions.

According to Ghosn “Consumers are still not in… they want a bigger range, a lower cost and faster starting time, but with the emissions rules coming in its end of gas. This will be driven consumers demand but by emission regulation… Between now and 2040 there will be no more diesel and gasoline. This is absolutely a scenario.”