How to get readable Maximum RAM

How to get readable Maximum RAM or Random Access Memory is one of the essential components of a PC or laptop you are using. however there are several factors that usually makes its RAM to be not optimal, both in terms of capacity or other. and in the modern era is a lot of RAM which provides large capacity and a maximum speed also with a fairly fit dikantong to buy it. but whether the RAM Worth to use? not necessarily the case. because we also have to adjust the existing DDR RAM.

but although the RAM is illegible in whole or Usable, actually it did not make the performance of a RAM become loose or becomes bad. as shown below, although it looks unused RAM whereas only about 4.90GB of RAM installed in the numbers 5.00GB, but this 4.90GB maximum readable and also work well.

and this time I will personally give you a tutorial how to keep your RAM can be read as a maximum. note yes, Max is not readable as a whole. because before anyone asked in Group regarding RAM is usable or illegible overall. then whether the usable RAM that can affect the performance of your PC or Laptop? go see the video below so that you better understand

How to get readable Maximum RAM

How to be read Maximum RAM

  • Run Run (Win Logo + R)
  • Type msconfig and go to the Boot tab
  • Log in to Advanced Options
  • Note on the Maximum Memory
  • Unchecklist the Maximum Memory when it is still terchecklist
  • Apply and restart
  • Finished
Updated: December 26, 2018 — 8:21 am

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