Microsoft Windows 10 Home Pro x64 Clean ISO May 2017 Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Pro May 2017 Update ISO File

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Home recently. Hence it comprises of latest and advances technology. You can also find a variety of powerful features with it. It provides you with all kinds of helpful tools. Everyone prefers Windows operating system because of its specifications. You can also find all kinds of update and modify features in it. It also provides you with a user-friendly atmosphere.

It also includes multiple desktop features. You can also create a virtual desktop on your system with it. It can help you divide your screen into four parts. You can also find high-security features in it. You can also secure your devices with different methods. It includes voice recognition, thumb scanning, face scanning, and others. It also allows you to access Windows Store. You can also download or purchase different apps from there.

Download: Links \ Mirror [3.26 GB]

Important Features:

  • This operating system comprises of Continuum feature. You can now use your Windows 10 on both tablet and desktop devices.
  • It can also keep all the features the same. You can also find an amazing start menu on it. It comprises of both live tile style and single column style start menu.
  • You can also change the setting of your start menu. It also allows you to either work with both or anyone start menu at one time.
  • You can also drag your start menu to maximize and minimize. It also comprises of Cortana. It can also work as your personal assistant.
  • You can keep an eye on all the activities you perform on your device. It can also keep you remind of cleaning rubbish from your system.
  • You can also find two different browsers in it. It includes Internet Explorer. You can find the latest advanced features on internet explorer.
  • You can also find Microsoft Edge in it. It allows you to write notes on web pages. You can also share them with others read more.

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